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10 Reasons You Need A Libra Friend In Your Life

Libra season starts tomorrow and what better way to kick it off than to remind you of why we’re so awesome (such a libra thing to do, amiright?). Aside from being slightly self-centered and wildly indecisive, we’re some pretty cool people to keep around. Here’s 10 reasons you need a libra friend.

1. Fun is where ever we are

If there was an Olympic event for being social, Libras would win Gold every time. We thrive in social settings. Our charming nature, easy going spirit, and higher calling for “fun over everything” make us a blast to be around. Fun tends to follow us where ever we go and if it’s not already there, we’ll make it.

I’ve walked into dead hookah spots in both Colombia and Mexico, convinced the owners to let me take over the radio, and it turned into a real party!

Hell, once I got arrested for driving with a suspended license and ended up in a holding cell with 4 other women and within an hour I had them all singing tunes from popular sitcoms. Yes, I even made sitting in a holding cell fun!

2. you won’t find a bigger supporter or cheerleader

Libras love to cheer on our friends and offer as much support as we can. We want everyone to win. If we can buy your product, share your website, give you a quick tip, connect you with the right person, help you pack orders, or give you some encouraging words when you’re feeling down, you got it!

I had a friend opening a new salon in Chicago. I sent him a message around 10 in the morning to ask how the opening was going. He said it wasn’t going so well. I asked what I could do to help, he said “nothing from all the way in Atlanta” by 6:00pm that same day I was on a plane to Chicago.

3. We love to share

We are very generous people. If we have it, you have it. Food, money, friends, knowledge, whatever. This is partly because of our social nature. We know and understand the laws of social contracts. There is always an exchange, those exchanges strengthen relationships and we believe in strong relationships.

The thing we love to share most often is knowledge and information. If a Libra learns something new or finds out about something you can bet she’s going to tell whoever will listen and whoever will benefit from it.

Have you been on my Instagram? It’s damn near all I do, share information, lol.

4. we’re either the plug or we know the plug

How many times have I mentioned here that Libras are social? A lot, right? The benefit of them oozing charm and being cheerleaders is that they amass a ridiculous network of people who are always down to do them a favor.

A Libra friend always has a connection, we always know the plug. Whether it’s knowing the right person to get in the club for free or hooking you up with the best CPA to do your taxes, Libras know somebody or we know somebody that knows somebody and we LOVE connecting their connections.

I randomly met a woman at a party in Cape Town, South Africa. She worked for a television news show there, similar to GMA. She asked me to be on the show and share the story about My Wander Year. Unfortunately, I was not going to be in town for the taping but I connected her with my girl Gloria Atanmo from The Blog Abroad and boom, Glo had her first tv appearance!

I’ve actually had people send me money, unsolicited, for connecting them with people. Seems like I might have a side hustle here.

5. we’ll talk you into trying new things

Persuasion is a power long possessed by the Libra. Thankfully, most of us use this power for good and not evil. We’re always talking people into something and usually it’s into trying something new or going after a dream (see #2 supporter).

Libras typically want everyone to win so anything they are convincing you to do is a win-win situation for you and for them (or whoever else is involved). The challenge is that we can be a bit relentless in our efforts to persuade. We call it passionate, others may call it annoying, lol. Chalk it up to our tireless affinity for debating but know that our intentions are almost always good.

6. You’ll have the best [and longest] debates

Debating is a sport for Libras. I must add a distinction here, we do not like to argue, we like to debate. Libras, in general, are peace keepers and hate an argument. But boy do we love a debate. Once parties to the debate become angry, it’s no longer an enjoyable experience for us.

Libras are air signs, along with Gemini and Aquarius. Air signs are characterized by intellect and communication. So they are smart and long-winded. And we will debate with you about ANYTHING. It can be something as serious as topics on human rights or something as silly as which way the toilet paper should be placed on the roll. It does not matter, we are fully committed to the exchange of differing view points for as long as it takes to get all of our points across.

It can be frustrating as we can come off as combative and argumentative. But if you accept that we mean well and we really just enjoy the mental stimulation, you’ll find yourself having some really interesting conversations.

I’m literally still mentally running through debates I had 10 years ago with friends, rethinking some of the points I should have made 🤣🤣.

7. we will keep the peace

For as much as we Libras enjoy a good and heated debate, we do not enjoy contentious arguments, fights, disagreements, etc.

Our friendships mean a lot to us and we would rather lose an argument than a friendship. We tend to be very sensitive to things that disturb our peace or the peace of others and make adjustments to bring things back into balance. Harmony and balance are of the utmost importance to us and we will make sacrifices for it. Rifts in your friendship won’t last long, we’ll go out of our way to make it right.

8. Your comfort and happiness is important to us

Ever seen a Libra at a party? She’s going around and talking to EVERYONE, even if it isn’t her party. She wants to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves, having a good time, feeling seen. Go out to dinner with a Libra and they’ll switch seats with you if your chair is uncomfortable.

When we ask “is there anything I can do”, we really mean it. It’s the mix of gregarious nature, diplomacy, loyalty, and support that makes us people pleasers. I’ll be honest, it’s also our massive egos, but hey, at least it’s being used for good.

I remember spending weeks planning a solo getaway for NYE one year. I had a rough year and just needed some time alone. I was planned to post up in an apartment, order in, meditate, journal, reflect, and plan for the year ahead. A friend reached out to me saying she was sad about her recent break-up and she didn’t want to spend NYE alone, she asked if she could hang out with me. I said yes without hesitation. Days later another friend called complaining that her boyfriend wasn’t trying to spend NYE with her, she was hurt She asked if she could kick it with me. I said “yes, of course”. Another friend asked me why I would give up my plans to be solo knowing that I have needed alone time, my response was “well, my friends are hurting. If I can be there for them, that’s what I’d prefer to do.” We actually had a really good time!

9. You’ll get good, balanced advice

Libras are often criticized for being indecisive. It’s true, we are. The reason is because we have an innate ability to see multiples sides of any argument or choice. While that makes it challenging to make a decision, it makes it easy to think clearly about other perspectives.

We especially shine when the matter at hand is how to approach a problem or deal with a disagreement between someone else. Libras are almost obsessed with fairness and we approach every problem or disagreement trying to be as fair as possible to all parties involved. We also happen to be ruled by logic, so we’re good at peeling off the emotional layers and getting to the logical points of an issue.

I’ve never been married, but I can’t tell you how many times my married friends have called me asking me how to approach an argument they’ve had or a challenge they’re having with their husbands. Not because I’m an expert on marriage (I clearly ain’t) but because I’m logical, diplomatic and really good at seeing things from multiple sides.

10. We accept you for who you are

The best reason to have a Libra on your team is we want to be your friend because of who you already are. We don’t want to change you at all.

Between being easy going, diplomatic, and supportive, we tend to be very “live and let live” type of people. We understand what makes you tick, what makes you special, what your flaws are, why you are who you are, and we love you for it. Because we want the same and that’s only fair. Remember I said we’re obsessed with fairness.

Throughout my life, I’ve had all types of friends – from strippers to CEOs and all of them were special people. Every single one.

As we roll into Libra season, don’t forget to appreciate and celebrate your Libra friends for that things that are uniquely and wonderfully them. We have our flaws for sure, but I’m guessing your life has been made exponentially better for having a Libra friend.

PS if this self-aggrandizing post ain’t some Libra shit, I don’t know what is! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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