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2023 Remote Work Resolutions for Jobseekers

If this is the year you want to find and land your remote job, I want you to commit to a few things this year to get you there. That said, I’ve put together just a few 2023 New Year Resolutions for you. Feel free to print them out and post them up somewhere!

1. I Will Commit to Setting Aside Time For My Job Search

Looking for a job is basically a part-time job, friend. You can be more effective and more committed if you actually set aside time for the activities that go along with finding a landing a job. These activities include:

  • Prospecting – Looking for jobs to apply for
  • Networking – Reaching out to people in your network about those jobs or making new connections to grow your network
  • Applying – Making sure your resume and application are a great fit for the position and actually hitting that apply button
  • Following Up – Reaching back out to recruiters and hiring managers you’ve spoken with and people you’ve connected with to grow your network

I believe it’s reasonable to set aside maybe 30 mins 2-3 times per week for these activities. Put it on your calendar and show up for it!

Fun fact, if you join the Quit Commuting Academy (which is free to join) and complete the onboarding course, there’s a bonus class in there where I walk you through how to set up a system for your remote job search.

2. I Will Not Sling Stale Resumes

I’ve preached on this hill for years and will continue to do so. Most companies give you the game and tell you exactly what they’re looking for in the job posting. Most times, when you create a templated resume and use it to apply for every single job, you’re missing out on including some of the things that are important to the employer that may not be in your resume.

It’s worth it to do a quick scan to determine if there are any recurring things mentioned in the job posting that you may want to include in your resume.

You can take it a step further and use a tool like to compare your resume against the job posting and get a readout of what’s missing from your resume.

Read my blog post: Stop Slinging Stale Resumes.

3. I Will Not Neglect My Linkedin

This is not the year to get away with a lame linkedin profile. It just isn’t. There was a time where Linkedin was considered as stuffy and boring as a corporate office lobby but not anymore. These days Linkedin is POPPIN poppin. People are making huge connections, getting contracts, learning new skills, and landing jobs on Linkedin.

That said, I want you to spend some time updating your Linkedin profile and using Linkedin to network with other people in similar roles as you, as well as hiring managers at companies you would like to work for.

4. I Will Not Disqualify Myself from Opportunities

One of the biggest hurdles to you getting a remote job is YOU!

So many people don’t even bother to apply for jobs because they don’t feel they meet all the requirements in the job posting. Here’s the thing, friend. If you meet ALL the requirements, you should be applying for the job above this one.

I’ve even had someone tell me that recruiters were coming to her about a position she was currently in training for and SHE TOLD THEM she wasn’t qualified!! They came to her and she sent them away!

As long as you meet at least 50% or 60% of the qualifications, apply for the job. As I discuss in the above Youtube video, there are A LOT of reasons why hiring managers will hire people who don’t meet all of their requirements in the job posting.

5. I Will Go Into Interviews Prepared and Empowered

Most people HATE interviews. Based on the feedback I’ve gotten from people, interviews feel like an inquisition, pressure and often people feel like interviewers are out to trick them, set them up, make them seem stupid, etc. Often people approach interviews as if they are there to beg for a handout.

I hate this for people.

First off, interviewers are not out to get you, they are not your enemy. Trust me, they want to hire someone! They’re hoping that someone is you!

Second, the interview isn’t JUST about them assessing you. It’s also about you assessing:

  • if this is a job you would be interested in doing
  • If this is a company you want to work for
  • If these are people you would like to work with
  • If this is a culture you’d like to work in

You aren’t the only one interviewing, they are as well. Approach your interview from a powerful position because THEY CALLED YOU. They have a need and they believe you might be the person to fill it. You are there to DISCUSS your background, experience, skills, and the unique qualities you bring and to DETERMINE if this company is a fit for you.

The best way to feel empowered in an interview is to be PREPARED for the interview. Do your homework up front, understand the job posting, know your resume, and have questions to ask them.

6. I Will Believe I have the Skills and Experience to Land a Job on My Terms

I get so many people asking me “how can I get a remote job if I have no skills”. Friend STOP. You have skills. I promise you do! You have experience from your previous jobs, from your education, and even from who you are as a person that can land you a remote job.

There are SO MANY things that can be done remotely as a full-time employee but also as a freelancer or contractor. I know someone who has built a million-dollar business from making powerpoint presentations for companies. I have another friend who’s income is from being a voice-over actor and she does it remotely!

Don’t make assumptions that you have no skills, instead, do me a favor and type in some of your skills and add the word “remote jobs for” to it and find out if there are remote jobs that utilize skills you have.

7. I Will Join the Quit Commuting Academy So I Don’t Have to Feel Isolated On This Journey

Job hunting isn’t a fun experience. It can be demoralizing and frustrating and the whole process is usually done in isolation. It’s not like people have “job app parties” with their friends. But, I’ve created a community of people who are on a similar journey and also going through this. I encourage you to join the community and connect with others who are seeking remote jobs so you don’t feel isolated. Also, there is a wealth of information and resources in the community. Even better, it’s free to join. You can choose to upgrade your membership for more touchpoints and resources or you can sign up for free.

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  1. Rhonda Leckie

    Looking for remote job in okc area . Starting at least $17 . Good benefits , good benefits

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