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4 Reasons You Don’t Have A Remote Job Yet

I talk to so many people every week who say they want to work remotely and typically when I do some digging, I find out just why they don’t have a remote job. I’m betting you, dear reader, fall into one of these 4 categories.


Man if I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard people say “but I’m not a developer or tech person”, I would have been able to afford that vacation in the Maldives by now.

Here’s a newsflash for ya! I’m not “tech people” either and I’ve been landing remote work for over 10 years!

There are remote companies hiring people across so many job functions – customer service, sales, accounting, project management, data entry, administration and I even know doctors and lawyers who work remotely. In fact, my best friend of 38 years is an attorney and she works from home!

My Free Guide to The Best Places to Find Remote Jobs has loads of websites who list a number of categories/roles that are available and looking for you to apply!


This one is the cousin to #4, I meet people often who think that they don’t have enough skills, the right skills, or enough experience to land remote work.

I’m here to tell you that there are also entry level remote jobs out there. I wrote a blog post specifically on this topic – HALP! I Have No Skills! On that post I talk about customer service, data entry, administrative, contract review and a host of jobs that don’t require you to have extensive experience.

In my Free Guide to Finding Remote Jobs, I share a few websites that list entry-level jobs.


Sometimes my conversations go like this:

Person in my DMs: Hey! I need help finding a remote job, can you help me?

Me: Sure, where have you been going to search for remote jobs

Person in my DMs: I actually haven’t done any searches

If this sounds like you, it’s ok. One of the challenges is that folks just don’t know where to look. All good, I’m going to help you with that with my Free Guide to Finding Remote Work.


Once people get over the other hurdles I’ve mentioned – they realize that remote jobs aren’t just for tech people, they know they have the skills necessary, and they actually have done remote job searches – the next challenge becomes actually applying for the job.

This is especially a challenge for women. Studies show that a man will apply for a job he is only 50% qualified for while a woman feels she should be at least 90% qualified before she applies.

Ladies, I need you to apply for the damn job!

What’s the worst that can happen if you do apply? Worst case scenario, they ignore you and you continue to go about your life.

What I know for sure is that if you do not apply you will not get the job.

Now, my Free Guide on the Best Places to Find Remote Work will not help you with this one but hopefully my words of encouragement will:

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