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My Top Random Egypt Travel Tips

Listen, there are already A LOT of blog posts about Egypt full of amazing and well-organized tips. This ain’t that. These are some of my most random tips for visiting Egypt:

  1. Cairo is a HUGE city and it’s very VERY busy. Pack your patience b/c that means not a lot of personal space plus lots of traffic, noise, and pollution. If you’re going to be in Egypt for a week or less, you only need about 1-2 days in Cairo.
  2. If your flight lands late at night, stay at Le Meridian hotel near the airport for your first night. It’s connected to the airport and easy to get to.
  3. Carry cash and toilet paper for public bathrooms b/c a) it often costs to use the bathroom and b) they don’t always have toilet paper
  4. Speaking of the bathroom, definitely take some oregano oil or pepto tablets just in case your stomach can’t handle the food.
  5. Try a bag of tomato or mushroom-flavored chips (or crisps) while you’re there, they have so many uncommon flavors at every store.
  6. Definitely visit a market while you’re there and get some souvenirs.
  7. Your “no, shukran” game will have to be strong bc the sellers be selling HARD. “No shukran” means “no thank you” in Arabic
  8. Take some lidocaine patches or tiger balm with you. You’ll be on your feet for what feels like a full week. There are so many sites and monuments to see and they are MASSIVE! The lidocaine patches were a lifesaver for my lower back!
  9. Take hydration multipliers with you to stay hydrated. Also, take a facial water spray. It’s a different kind of hot here, I swear!
  10. Speaking of the what, be sure to take some really good sunscreen, a bucket hat, and sunglasses…maybe even take a personal fan. You’ll be getting full-on sun your whole visit!
  11. Have lunch at the 9 Pyramids Lounge, it has an incredible view of the pyramids. You’ll need to make reservations.
  12. Many tour guides will skip over the Nubian history of Egypt and will walk right past the darker statues and monuments in the museums. Book a tour guide who doesn’t shy away from the Nubian history of the country. I recommend my “little sister” Noura Khedar or the folks at High-End Journeys. Both are incredible guides who are super knowledgeable. Please tell them I sent you!
  13. If you’re a Black woman, you’re going to hear “brown sugar” or “Nubian Princess” or “Nubian Queen” a whole lot!

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