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I’m so thrilled you’re interested in working with me! I look forward to talking with you about how we can partner and I don’t mean that in a cordial, professional work email sort of way. I mean that in an “I’m jumping up and down with glee and covering my mouth so I don’t scream” sort of way!!!

Work with me as a Brand Partner, Content Creator, Collaborative Marketer, Speaker, Podcast Guest, Writer.



just sharing a little bit of my street cred

Social Media

2-4% Engagement Rate

Facebook Groups

22,000 Collective Members
85% Active Member Rate

E-Mail Marketing

18,500 Email Subscribers
47% Open Rate | 13% Click Rate


15,000 Monthly Visitors
17,000 Page Views



I just adore a fun collaboration! If you have a great brand, I absolutely want to spread the word about it. I’m a natural sharer of “the good news” and would be more than happy to work with you to create content to get your brand in front of my friends, family, and supporters.



IG In-Feed Post


IG Reel


Blog Post


YT Video


I pride myself on expert storytelling. My sweet spot is creatively integrating brand stories into relatable and fun content that inspires and educates my audience. My brand is colorful and unique and our collaboration and pricing can be as unique as your brand’s story.

Please note these rates are a starting point, to ensure quality of work.  However, like my passport, the opportunities are boundless. I’m happy to design a custom collaboration and quote to meet your brand’s needs.


Speaker, Podcast Guest

Have an event coming up and need a speaker or workshop leader? Have a podcast and need a guest? I’m your girl! I enjoy connecting with audiences and turning my experiences into practical lessons for others, plus, I heard I’m kinda funny
Below are a few examples of podcasts I’ve appeared on:
Digital Nomad Cafe
Travel + Leisure, Let’s Go Together
The Maverick Show
The Insider Mom Podcast



If you are seeking someone to feature for an article or story or in need of a writer for a topic, get at me!
Here are a few writing samples on other sites:
I Was Mom Shamed for Traveling Without My Kid
F*ck Mom Guilt
4 Reasons You Don’t Have A Remote Job Yet
Guide to Entry Level Remote Jobs
Should You Let Your Child Fly Alone?

MEDia, I've been featured in

Let's Work